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BEE Policy – Level #4

The view point of Incrediclean regarding the Black Economic Empowerment policy of the country; is that only through our support and compliance with our governments' policy, will the imbalances that were created in the previous eras be rectified. This is so that our company and the country can move forward on an equitable basis both politically and economically.

The principle of our company is that Black Economic Empowerment is part of the broader economic growth therein underlies our commitment to ensuring that our company and the economic growth continue on a sustainable path.

Our Black Economic Empowerment will ensure that more people are brought into the economic mainstream. This will be done by growing the size of our company along with its staff. By the growth of our company our procurement will naturally amplify in accordance. All of our procurements is done through companies with similar views on the support and growth of the domestic economy and individual enterprises.

To achieve this we will have a stringent selection process through which all our suppliers are put. Only on the results of the process do we select the suppliers that match our company's requirements and ideals. Therefore our procurement also lends a helping hand to the growth of the Black Economic Empowerment foundation in the domestic economy.

The key to Incrediclean's future success in the domestic economy and the essence behind our Black Economic Empowerment policy is to ensure that through our company's policies there is greater participation by more suppliers, clients, staff, compliant organizations, in our company.

Incrediclean is a dynamic independent company and the essence behind our elected principles is to ensure that all people have access to opportunities within their own company. It is therefore essential that more people benefit from Black Economic Empowerment. To achieve this increased participation by the respective people within the company we focus on empowering people through human recourses development and employment equity.

Our Black Economic Empowerment policy is an inclusive process producing a more equitable economy which will not only benefit our company, but our clients, suppliers, staff and in general all South Africans that we come into touch with.

We believe that as citizens of South Africa, equity is a moral requirement and that active contributions are in the best interests of the country and therefore our company.

Incrediclean will continue with our quest of making ourselves a highly structured equitable organization that produces an unquestionable service to our clients, therefore creating growth not only within our company, clients or staff but substantial growth in South Africa.