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Recruitment Policies

Over the past years Incrediclean has come to the realization that prospective employees are drawn to a cleaning company that is successful, reliable and hard working which offers good pay, job security and benefits.

All our staff enjoys the benefits of: sick leave, annual leave and above all higher than average remuneration.

Investing in our staff and offering them continuous opportunities for growth is an investment not only beneficial to the staff but the company and country as well.

Good company ethics, enjoyable working environment and staff benefits produces a happy and content staff pool that is dedicated and loyal in excelling to accomplish the standards that they are trained to achieve.

Background check

Before any personnel are considered for a position in this company, they go through security background check for Theft, Assault or any other serious criminal offences.

Legal Citizenship

All personnel working for Incrediclean are legal citizens and are in possession of valid South African Identity documents.


Before any personnel are placed on a contract site certain criteria is taken into consideration.

  1. Distance from their residence to the contract site.
  2. Transport availability.
  3. Test scores
  4. Degree of communication
  5. Discipline