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Staff Training Centre

All the personnel that are employed by Incrediclean are fully trained to meet our high standards.

Our sister company – Compliance Partners (PTY) Ltd provide training prior to employment and on a regular basis during employment to our cleaning staff to ensure that our high standards are common practice for our staff.

The staff is trained on the following:

  • Company ethics and rules
  • Contract of Employment
  • Gazette Disciplinary code
  • Chain of Command
  • Personal Presentation on and off the job
  • Health and Safety
  • Physical job functions
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Chemicals
  • Applications Procedure
  • Methodology

A refresher course is conducted before each and every contract that is signed to eliminate any teething problems that may arise. Technical support is also provided 24 hours a day to staff and contract holders.

In instances where existing staff are taken over full training of company procedures and cleaning functions is given. We believe – use the silver we already have and train them into gold. Our staff are considered to be the backbone of our company, we hold them in the highest regard, and they in turn us.